From Birth to Seven

Book: From Birth to Seven by Carole Bell LPC
Start now.

    • Lay a foundation.
    • Empower and equip.
    • Connect parenting practices to goals for your future eighteen-year-old.

With this book, parents will:

    • Read actual conversations that enable them to have meaningful dialogue with their children.
    • Translate theories of child-rearing practices into action.
    • See the relationship between what happens today and what their children will face in the future.

Most of all, parents will see hope and possibilities for raising children ready to face the world that awaits them.

authorimage-smCarole spent over forty years as a teacher, school counselor, and licensed professional counselor in private practice. She worked with kids of all ages and their parents. From those years, she learned what kids think and what makes healthy families. She combines that knowledge with a desire for kids and their families to reach their greatest potential.